International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong) Arts Appreciation Series

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Fringe Activities

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Weekend Culture Salon Series

The International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong) curates five weekend talks, inviting veteran cultural and arts practitioners to discuss current topics and our changing cultural contexts today. Each session examines issues close to the hearts of artists and audiences.




Bar Lemna, Lemna of the Alchemist, G/F, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

In Cantonese

Free admission; a minimum purchase of one drink per participant

Limited seats on a first-come-first-served basis; no reservation


Talk 1: The lure of multimedia in the performing arts

Stage technology advances at a rapid pace; how do artists deal with it? Are they cool-headed, or blinded by its appeal? Multimedia has been part of the arts for many years, but how does contemporary theatre engage and evolve with it? Veteran multimedia artists Kenny Wong and Oliver Shing share their experience and ideas from different perspectives.


17/9 (SUN)


Kenny Wong (Media Artist), Oliver Shing (Multimedia Artist)


Amy Chan (Light artist)


Talk 2: Cultural identities and their representations

In a world where everything is fluid, how does the cultural identity of artists affect their work? The multicultural backgrounds of many European dance artists deeply influence their output. Yan Pat-to, now based in Hong Kong and Germany, engages in conversation with veteran dance critic Joanna Lee.


24/9 (SUN)


Yan Pat-to (Director / Playwright), Joanna Lee (Dance Critic)


Bernice Chan (General Manager, the International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong))


Talk 3: In search of the aesthetics of Ryu Suzuki

Trained in the UK, Ryu Suzuki has worked with acclaimed choreographers and dance companies including Akram Khan and Phoenix Dance Theatre, before returning to his native Japan. In this talk, we can have a glimpse of the artistic approach of the award-winning choreographer in the documentary Ryu Suzuki, directed by dancer-cum-director Nao Yoshigai. Hong Kong theatre maker Dick Wong will host the sharing.


1/10 (SUN)


Dick Wong (Theatre Maker / Performer)


William Chan (Dance Critic)


Talk 4: The role of arts festivals in cities

Veteran arts administrator Louis Yu has amassed plenty of experience in the front lines before taking a step back to research the intricate relation between city and culture. This time, he focuses on characteristics and strategies of different arts festivals and how they impact cities. 


7/10 (SAT)


Louis Yu (Director, Hong Kong Art School)


Wong Chi-chung (Veteran Music Culturalist)


Talk 5: The timelessness of Ernest Hemingway

Two performing arts masters — Tang Shu-wing and Yuen Siu-fai — engage in an in-depth dialogue about Ernest Hemingway’s celebrated novel The Old Man and the Sea. As a prelude to the production, Yuen reads an excerpt or two and Tang discusses the process of textual adaptation and performative considerations. 


15/10 (SUN)


Yuen Siu-fai (Chinese Opera Artist)


Tang Shu-wing (Theatre Director)


Wong Nim-yan (Associate Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)



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