O Theatre Workshop

O Theatre Workshop

About the Artists

O Theatre Workshop

O Theatre Workshop

About the Artists

10 - 13/11

Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre

10/11 (THU) 8PM

11/11 (FRI) 8PM

12/11 (SAT) 3PM

12/11 (SAT) 8PM

13/11 (SUN) 3PM

13/11 (SUN) 8PM


Tickets are available at URBTIX from 9 Sep onwards

Approx 1 hr 30 mins with no interval

Free seating. Please arrive earlier for admission. Latecomers will not be admitted

Audience members are required to follow instructions to walk around the venue. Please dress casually and wear suitable shoes

Performed in Cantonese

This programme contains coarse language, violent scenes and adult content

Audiences below 16 will not be admitted

With strobe lighting and haze effect

Meet-the-artist session after 11 Nov performance


Click HERE to download e-programme

Gazing through the river of time

Our desires and the off-kilter world can never be in sync; what we see on the surface may not relate to content. Let us delve into our subconscious, travelling in time in search of missing pieces.

Hailing from different backgrounds, each artist creates an individual fable of time and loss. In that harsh reality, they recover certain fragments of life.

For this production, conventional theatre seating is upended. Audience members find themselves on stage, guided by live music as they enter different designated areas. Each “room” provides a multitude of perspectives and sensory experiences, rendering everyone a unique experience combining light, shadow and sound. In this time tunnel, we sneak a peek into moments of life as they string together.

This production is divided into two parts. The first is comprised of short videos posted online depicting everyday life and suppressed emotions. The second part involves a stage performance juxtaposing reality with overlapping dreamscapes warped in time and space, where inner turmoil, consciousness and the subconscious play against each other. 

Reality may be limiting but our desires and imaginations can roam free. Perhaps dreams are more authentic than reality; they are closer to the essence of life.


Time casts itself in different ways in our dreams, sometimes repeating itself, other times sticking like clay, feeling rough or sharp, perplexing or dazzling us. Trapped in a single moment in life, they are frozen like an immovable sculpture.

Four characters, four stories, four desires.

A daughter, exhausted and stressed, wants to kill her mother;
A man refuses to let go of a pillar all because of a promise;
Trapped in a cold cell, a wolf howls as if in a trance;
Under the neon light, an introverted young man breaks into a dance.

Yet if we sneak a peek at the gaps between moments in another realm, we’ll find illusions amidst a kaleidoscope of memories and desires. As images keep turning, a steady flow of a beautiful and moving life unfolds.