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The Up:Strike Project

The Up:Strike Project

About the Artists

The Up:Strike Project

The Up:Strike Project

About the Artists

12 - 13/11

Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

12/11 (Fri) 8PM

13/11 (Sat) 8PM

$320 (ArtSeat)

$220 (樓座 Balcony)

Approx 1 hr with no interval

Please arrive earlier for seating arrangement

Meet-the-artist session after each performance

Please do not eat or drink in the auditorium

Liquor is provided only for audience members above 18


Click HERE to download e-programme

When rhythm seasons our cocktail

“Can what you hear affect what you taste?” Imagine snacking on potato chips: the crackling in your mouth is an essential part of that “crunch crunch” sound!

Following the success of the beer-music pairing project, “listenbeer”, The Up:Strike Project is bringing a brand new concert experience with handcrafted cocktails. Celebrating the quintessential flavour of Argentina, we will collaborate with a local mixologist on two bespoke cocktails featuring Fernet Branca. These cocktails will be paired with a refreshing programme of contemporary music, from celebrated masters of Cage’s anti-art alea, Piazzolla’s nuevo tango, to avant-garde works of Manoury and Negri.

Come and feast your senses at this unusual crossover! Sit and relax in a “New Vision” ArtSeat made specially for you, or move along with the music and rhythm, throwing yourself into the swath of sound.

Return home, revisit the concert on video, and drink your cocktail to savour these sensations all over again.

© Vicky Shin



Viet Cuong (USA)
Water, Wine, Brandy, Brine

Astor Piazzolla (Argentina)
Histoire du Tango

【Hong Kong Premiere】
Philippe Manoury (France)
Marimba Duo from Le Livre des Claviers

Facundo Negri (Argentina)
A-Lógica 3

John Cage (USA)
Credo in Us