2³ or Not 2³: East Kowloon is on Minecraft

Minecraft worlds (AR edition)

Kyle Chung │ Enoch Cheng │ Lau Wai

Kyle Chung │ Enoch Cheng │ Lau Wai

About the Artists

Kyle Chung │ Enoch Cheng │ Lau Wai

Kyle Chung │ Enoch Cheng │ Lau Wai

About the Artists

Premieres on 29 Oct

Minecraft Game World as Artistic Platform for East Kowloon!

2³ or Not 2³ is a virtual art exhibition in the game world of Minecraft. Reflecting on the East Kowloon Cultural Centre’s opening in 2023, the exhibition reinterprets and represents the cultural and historical elements of East Kowloon, featuring two newly commissioned Minecraft worlds created by Hong Kong artists Enoch Cheng and Lau Wai.

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Artists’ Words

Enoch Cheng
Rock the of the Jungle

Our predecessors used granite, a material predating humans, to build churches and temples. These places were meant to last forever, embracing our hopes and worries. Today, we are building many theatres for the future. As we look ahead and beyond, I propose to create a sanctuary for the endangered, the lost, and the living.

Lau Wai
Memories {Re}set – East Kowloon

This Minecraft world is inspired by five filming locations in East Kowloon from Hong Kong and overseas movies, namely Running Out of Time (1999), Love in a Puff (2010), The Way We Dance (2013), Infernal Affairs II (2003), Blind Detective (2013), Time And Tide (2000), The Confidence Man JP: The Movie (2019), and more.

Movie has the additional function of preserving the past, whereas Minecraft offers a virtual world in which reality can be represented. The two have something in common to a certain extent: they can both be an extension of reality but appear in different forms. Also, in the Minecraft world audiences are active participants too, which adds an extra dimension to the journey. This new creation offers audiences or players a feeling of déjà vu in a new-visioned experience.

*Minecraft game app required

Viewers can browse the Minecraft worlds through the AR version and guided video tours, while Minecraft players can land on the worlds directly and experience more.